About the book
Catalyzing Innovation is a curation of 900 cutting edge, global innovations organized in 63 different product and service innovation categories, with a visual for each and explanation why its smart strategically.  The categories form a checklist for firms to encourage them to innovate in more different ways.  Worldwide, cross-sector examples inspire creativity.  The book was inspired by the way Ferran Adria (widely considered the most creative chef in the world) innovates, to cross pollinate new concepts from one industry to another.  Instructions are included for how to brainstorm using The Catalyzing Innovation Approach.
Michelle Greenwald
Michelle Greenwald

CEO, Inventours

About the Author
Michelle Greenwald is CEO of Inventours™, a firm that curates visits with leading global innovators in technology, product design, food, in creative global cities to help heads of product development & marketing improve innovation processes and foster cultures of innovation. She’s a unique blend of marketing practitioner (former SVP New Products, Disney, and VP and GM, Pepsi-Cola), and marketing professor (taught at Wharton, Columbia, Cornell, NYU, Berkeley & IESE Business Schools). She’s Director of Cornell Tech’s New Tech MBA Digital Marketing Program, and writes about cross-sector, global innovation for Forbes. Through her firm, Marketing Visualized, she does business plan and marketing consulting and executive education.  Michelle speaks globally on innovation from Ireland, to New Zealand, France, Argentina, Taiwan, Chicago, Seattle, and New York.

63 Types of Innovation


Process and Corporate Culture Services

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  • 1-week, leading innovator benchmarking in creative global cities
  • Cross-disciplinary to cross-pollinate best
    innovation process methods
Catalyzing Innovation Book
  • 63 categories of innovation thinking with creative, global, cross-category examples
  • Provides a more systematic, and fun way to brainstorm more comprehensively
Local Corporate “Safari’s”
  • 1-day programs to build innovation teams, teach a new, broader approach to
    brain-storming, learn the best mental & physical environments to foster innovation, in-market, innovation observation training expedition
Innovation Trend Updates
  • Global trends across sectors in new product and service development processes among the world’s most successful and disruptive firms.
New Products and Services Development Consulting
  • Corporate process self-assessments
  • New concept development & testing
  • Sales forecasting & business plans
  • Launch marketing plans
  • Train companies to do it all themselves
Executive Education
2-Day Basics Program
  • New Product & Services Development
  • Innovative Marketing Plan Development
  • Innovation Strategies & Techniques
  • Digital Marketing


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    “Sharp, insightful and inspiring reads all over. Plenty of forward looking marketing strategy and innovation examples who will definitely open lots of conversations. Recommended.”

    Daniel Lober

    “Very current with lots of specific real world marketing strategies and examples. For practitioners and students looking to learn innovative marketing strategy or to drive corporate innovations. Recommended.”


    “I love this book, very inspiring and easy to understand. Great examples of innovation from every angle of life. Highly recommended.”


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